4 Smart Tricks to Attract New Clients With Your Business Cards

First impressions are everything — it’s why you work so hard on your brand. Whether you freelance, run a business, or manage a franchise, you know that there is a niche you fill and an emotion you evoke when people interact with your company. Creating business cards is an extension of this branding and thoughtfulness — get your clients to identify with you and your values immediately, with just one card.

As a professional business printing service in Virginia and Maryland, we’ve helped countless business professionals in the DC area and beyond get the business cards they needed to boost their business and advertising. Business card printing is about more than the stock and the delivery, it is about helping clients make the right decision to make an unforgettable impression with just one card.

Here are some of our favorite tips to help you obtain new clients using a well designed and printed business card.

Ensure Your Business Cards Go Out With Every Product or Package

Business PrintingYou’ve got these great business cards, right? So send them out! With everything!

Part of our business printing services in Maryland means delivering you cards you want to send out, so make sure you do! Business cards are not just for people you’ve just met, but they are for new clients and repeat clients.

By sending out a business card with each item you sell or product you deliver, you are giving your client a few things:

  • A reminder of your business they can keep for reference (in sight in mind)
  • A way for them to refer you to a friend
  • Possibly a promo or discount code, if you choose to include one

Don’t keep those business cards locked up tight, waiting for new customers you meet on the street to hand them to. Send them to everyone who takes the time to contact you or work with you, so they always have a way to order again without hunting for your information.

Utilize Business Printing Solutions in Virginia for Holiday Themed Business Cards

business printing services in VABusiness card printing is not just a one-and-done deal. Your business cards should go through evolutions, different designs (but same branding!), and should showcase your diversity. One way to do this is to utilize holiday-themed business cards to leave an extra-special first impression.

Whether or not your work is seasonal doesn’t matter — use a holiday-themed card for winter to stick in people’s minds, or utilize a summer theme when meeting people in warmer weather. This extra little step will make a more notable first impression, making clients more likely to think of you when they are in need.

To go the extra mile, work with our business printing solutions in Maryland to design limited-edition cards with a promo code! Want people to hang on to your card? Our business printing solutions will help you advertise a deal for clients who hang on to, and then use, your business card. This can be a buy-one-get-one or a straight percentage off. Keep people talking with discounts and limited designs.

Hand Out Your Business Printing Cards in Maryland to Other Locals

business printing solutions in MarylandYour business cards are meant for networking, so hand them out in bulk to other professionals in your area. A great way to drum up new business with your business cards is to partner with other locals who are in related lines of work.

If you’re a wedding photographer, hand out some of your business cards to local bakeries that cater, so brides know to contact you. If you’re in construction, place your business cards at local hardware stores. By partnering with other locals and similar businesses, you’re creating a referral network that can continue to spread with minimal effort.

We’re not just a trusted business printing service in Virginia and DC due to our products, it’s because we continue to work with local businesses to help them reach their potential. Your business card printing professionals should help you think about new ways to branch out and extend your reach.

Take Advantage of Textures and Paper Stocks with Our Business Printing Service in Virginia

business printing cards near meRemember — when designing business cards, a ton of options are available to you! Our business printing services in VA and MD boast several paper types with varying textures. The moment your card lands in someone’s hand, they will feel the difference and take a look, noting all your details and great services.

Plus, stand out colors always catch someone’s eye, and heavier stock paper will last longer and hold up to travel in a pocket or a purse. Make your investment count so that way people hold on to it longer and can get in touch whenever they need you.

Your business cards should work for you, so trust our business printing service to provide proven solutions for the best design, print, and distribution.

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