Five Things to Consider for Effective Brochure Design

Choose the correct brochure foldA good brochure is the backbone of your marketing efforts. It is an essential sales tool that works to persuade prospective customers to make a purchase. 

That’s why making effective brochures can contribute to the success of your business. 

So, before you go browsing for brochure printing in Maryland, here is everything you need to know about designing an effective brochure.

What makes a good brochure design?

A brochure is a document that informs its readers about the offerings of a company. The prime objective of this document is to make the reader aware of the products and services of the company. Hence, this document needs to clearly communicate the why, who, what, why, and how of the company.

A good brochure has to be easily understandable by the reader. It should also address the pain points of its audience and ensure to offer a relevant solution to them.

Lastly, an effective brochure needs to be objective-driven. If you don’t know why you are making it, you will never be able to determine the correct content and graphic layout of the document, which is always important for grabbing the readers’ attention.

5 practical tips to create an effective brochure design

1. Keep your brochure design simple

Put the readers first with your brochure designAs a printing company in Maryland, we believe that brochures serve as your extended business card. 

The goal of your brochure is to encourage readers to purchase your products and services or register for an event or take some sort of action.

Because it is a tool for communication, the content inside needs to be the highlight of the document. So, anything that takes the readers’ focus off of your content – over-the-top graphical elements or quirky images – should be omitted. Or at least be put into the background to avoid overlap.

In case your content is all-visuals, you can make an executive design to narrow down your options so that the readers can focus on the few important ones.

The right combination of graphics, text, and images can help you draw the readers’ attention to the content and can encourage them to read more or gain enough interest to take action, which in turn will improve the effectiveness of the overall marketing campaign.

2. Choose the correct brochure fold

Create a relevant call to action and position it properly with your brochure designWhen creating a brochure, don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right folding method. 

Not only is it an important factor in creating a visually appealing brochure but it also helps keep your audience engaged as they read through your message.

The folding method you choose can also speak volumes to your audience. Therefore, it should be inspired by the style your audience expects from you and the desire you want to evoke through the document.

For instance, if you cater to a mid-income segment, you can opt for the usual three-column fold for your brochure. But if you are catering to a high-income, luxury goods buying audience, you can afford to be innovative with your folding method.

Additionally, functionality is just as important as style. So, your brochure fold should be based on your content layout as it will act as a tool to allow the readers to go through your content step-by-step – the way you intended.

If you are confused about which fold to choose, you can enlist help from one of the local printing companies in Maryland to make the final decision.

3. Top Design Tip: Don’t overdo font formatting

What makes a good brochure?Just because we have access to a million fonts, doesn’t mean we should use them all in one document. The best brochure design strategy is to limit the number of fonts you use to 2 to 3 styles.

Sure, to do this, you will need to find the right mix to give your brochure character without confusing the reader. But since each font needs to convey a specific emotion, incorporating too many fonts in your document can leave your readers feeling all sorts of different emotions – rather than one single emotion, which is needed to convince them to take the desired action.

Speaking of fonts, you should also try to keep the content simple. So, before you start looking for commercial booklets printing in Maryland, make sure to weed out the deadwood by ditching as many fancy words from your content as possible so that your readers don’t require a dictionary to understand your message.

4. Put the readers first with your brochure design

Keep your brochure design simpleAs a commercial printing company in Maryland, we often see brochures being designed as just a generic piece of document that talks about the company and its services. But what is the point in getting your brochures out there if it doesn’t highlight what your potential or current clients would get out of working with you?

A brochure should be designed to give people the information they need about your service or product before they decide whether to buy it. Therefore, it needs to speak to them directly.

When writing your brochure, the focus should be the potential customer. It should be about their problems, needs, expectations, and then, about you and the solutions you can offer to help them.

Another common mistake we have seen among brochures for any industry is that it doesn’t highlight the business’ value proposition. Simply because many writers are unaware of the design guidelines that are essential for graphic artists to follow to ensure readers can easily find the information they need.

The key is to bring your team together when creating your brochure. When everybody is on the same page, the outcome will be effective.

5. Create a relevant call to action and position it properly

tri-fold brochure company in vaYour CTA can make or break your brochure. If it isn’t convincing enough, it can nullify your entire content strategy and marketing efforts.

Having relevant CTAs won’t suffice. You need to incorporate easily recognizable CTAs, which are tempting enough for the customer not to refuse, to design more powerful brochures that drive higher conversion rates, increase the amount of new business you generate, and bring your customers closer to making more purchases.

Looking for a business printing company in Maryland to help you with the next step? Get in touch with us.

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